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Y.L. is involved with On Behalf, parents and teachers working on behalf of the next generation to help end bias, as well as the League of Women Voters and a few other grassroots organizations active on local and national issues. 2017

Currently and for 12+ years, C. Jean Rawls serves as a National Executive Assistant to the Legal Leadership Team for a US Fortune 500 Corporation.  She is also an active NJ Licensed Realtor for 30+ years. 2017

Charlie Sheridan is a retired teacher and avid golfer and hiker. 2016/2017

Phyllis Slaten is retired from the corporate world (former Vice President Merrill-Lynch) and has been a multiyear volunteer who has done everything from hosting Ghanaian educators to designing our past websites to stuffing envelopes. 1997-2009

Janice Smolowitz is the founding dean of the School of Nursing at Montclair State University; a former professor at Columbia University’s School of Nursing; and an author. She has been a multiyear volunteer for The Crayons Project. 1996-2006

Amber Guild is a leader in the advertising field and spokesperson on diversity and gender equality in the corporate workplace. She is one of the founders of On Behalf. 2017

Ellis Barksdale is a most valuable multiyear volunteer whose governance and inspiration kept us going in the early years. 1998-2007

Jim O'Callahan is a former teacher in Brooklyn, New York. 1999

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