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Two Education Directors of a Manhattan Head Start Center volunteered to host a visit for Ghanaian Members of an Early Childhood Association on their visit here.

We are all volunteers with no employees.

Volunteers from all walks of life may choose to travel with us to meet local groups on our occasional trips to the continent. You may want to manage the blog for a month, answer emails; print out envelops for our annual mailing; help schools in the USA  or your child's school learn about how to share their crayons and become a Sister School; let sororities, PTAs, churches know how they can both help and learn. Typically, a volunteer’s work is mostly done online. You may choose to support a school for $50.00 to 100.00 or choose to sponsor a child’s preschool education at $108.00 for one year (tax deductible), moving from Volunteer to Donor!

Volunteer efforts are typically short term as decided by the volunteer. However, we have also enjoyed many who help on a specific yearly task or a one-time project.

Many just choose to start a Crayons Collection at their child’s school where classrooms collect USED crayons, chalk and pencils or bottle caps and rings to share with an African school or classroom.

      Crayons Collection

Many people's volunteer experience is starting a used crayons collection from a classroom or school. What would you like to try? Tell us.

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