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Just got back from Swaziland. Best African trip ever! Been appointed as Consultant/Advisor to the Swaziland Early Childhood Network. I will be focusing on assisting them with Africanizing the Learning Through Play approach for preschools, specifically making it Swazi as opposed to copying the Euro-American way. Will be using the computer for documents review and sending, and a lot of Skyping for conferences, lectures, etc.

Did the game reserve thing on foot and 3 yards from a herd of rhinos, an elephant appeared (30 feet) from us and we ran for our lives. It was as big as a building! No one had time to photo the elephant. Some minor injuries resulted from this so it's way too dangerous to recommend going on foot to others. We didn't know what we were getting into, but an incredible memory and adventure that was truly thrilling.

This is an incredible place to do your vacation with various adventures such as the game parks that you can do on foot, in a Range Rover, your own car; exploring caves, ziplines of course, magnificent resort accommodations; mountains, water rafting, and the cultural village is a must. The average-income American family can afford the time of their lives for their whole family in just one week and come back each year for three years in a row and not repeat adventures. I danced with the cultural dancers (performers who do the traditional dances and music at the Cultural Village, which includes a tour of the dwelling and the lifestyle of the bygone days).

We of course did a lot of school visits: rural and city and suburban. Our hosts were four dynamic women from different backgrounds (educational, social, cultural, professional, cosmopolitan, rural) which of course gave us a rich perspective on the Swazi life. ALL were very dedicated to improving education for the very young and made things happen in their organizations, communities or professions. Truly inspiring!

#trips #Africa #Swaziland

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