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Sister Schools involves a friendly relationship of steady communication and exchange of information about each other, and the contribution of only approved items such as used crayons, used chalk, used pencils, erasers or pens if you chose. Schools here can do crayons collections or collect caps and rings (see Caps that Count - -colored plastic bottle caps and the rings around the bottles) for their classroom in an African school, and enjoy pen pal relationships for pairs of students. In some cases, classrooms here may be able to view their classroom in their sister school if the classroom there has a computer set up like Skype. The cost of this program is $50.00 per year for each classroom. Communication from off-continent does not flow for them they way it does here, and takes constant oversight to ensure a smooth exchange with the schools. Making in-person contact for participating schools on the African continent is often needed, and explains much of the cost for participating in the program. 

School Name:                                                          Address: 

Classroom Name:                                                   Teacher(s) Name(s):

Phone Number(s):                                                   Number of children in classroom:             Age(s):

African Country for Match:                                      
Swaziland, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, 

What do you hope to get out of this relationship for your classroom? What would you like your classroom to learn?  (please respond in at least two paragraphs). Thank You.                       

Send this information to ("Sister Schools" in subject line) and check to AFRICA Seed, Inc. P.O. Box 747, Plainfield, NJ 07060 to apply. When your application is accepted, we hold your hand through the entire relationship, so email anytime you have a question as well as to keep us informed of your activities with the school.


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