Photo Gallery

These children in Ghana were using crayons nubs, which inspired the creation of The Crayons Project in 1996

These are three chiefs who came to meet with AFRICA Seed. One is wearing traditional attire for special occassions, one is wearing professional work clothes (he came from work), one is wearing street clothes. 1998

These preschool girls attend a rural school. They live in the village. Uganda  2008

Mountain mist in Cameroom. We saw gorillas in Cameroon. It was in the local zoo.   2012

These girls attend an expensive school in the country's capital, Accra.   Ghana 1998

Assistant rests while at yet another meeting..blaah blaah blaah, yadda, yadda, yadda. A meeting in a wealthy man's house.    Ghana  2010

Three School Administrators take an African-American visitor to a nice place for lunch.   Ghana 1998

Beautiful flowers at a hotel built on a botanical garden. Cameroon  2012

Sports Stadium  Accra, Ghana

Photos change and classroom teachers may request photos from countries we visit to assist with Sister Schools, Pen Pals or just becoming familiar with modern Africa. Photos are aimed at Pre-K-4th grade, but can be useful to all grades and all those with limited access to real life on the continent.