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Dr. Gloria Holmes’ first career was in fine art. She had studied art at the Newark Museum as a child and majored in Fine Arts in college. In New York City she exhibited her drawings at the Woman Art Gallery and at the United Nations General Assembly Building as a member of the UN Art Club. Her Master’s degree is in Museum Education and Early Childhood Education from Bank Street College of Education. She majored in International Educational Development, Teanscultural Studies, and Early Childhood Education at Teacher’s College, Columbia University, where she received her Doctor of Education degree. Dr. Gloria, as she is known to Head Start, assisted with the start of preschools and infant-toddler centers in three states, and has had a career in teaching and administration in early childhood higher education, research, and professional development.

The purchase of each book automatically generates a small gift of school supplies to classrooms in Africa by AFRICA Seed through The Crayons Project at

It was when Dr. Gloria was a teacher in an Infant-toddler center reading books to toddlers that she started writing children’s books for very young to middle-grade children. Other of her works include: The Santa Revolution for middle-grade children, toddler stories such as “My Baby Brother Poops on Top of the Fridge,” a picture book story from the siblings’ perspectives regarding  mysterious pooping incidents, and “My Doll Is Pregnant,” another story for young elementary school children. 

Baby Barley has a mustache, which has caused a great deal of turmoil in his family. Relatives on both sides of the family blame the other; and Mom goes through all sorts of actions to hide Barley’s mustache. The young sibling analyzes her home situation and feels she should do something to solve the problem. She exhibits sensible behavior and thinking when the adults’ emotions keep them in chaos. She sees the situation without blame, embarrassment, or denial, and uses her power to help solve the family problem. Once solved however, it turns out that Baby Barley has power of his own!

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