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 General Donations




Option #1:       Click the PayPal ‘Donate’ button

                        above and designate an amount

Option #2:       Send a check to AFRICA Seed,
                        Inc., P.O. Box 747, Plainfield, NJ                           07060 (
we get the full amount!)


Option #3:       Donate via PayPal to:

                        AFRICA Seed, Inc.



Option #4:       Donate through the purchase

                        of Dr. Gloria's children’s books

Each children's book purchased at full price generates a small donation of school supplies to a classroom in Africa. We have Partner Schools in Ghana, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Kenya, and other countries on the continent. Click here to see the book.

Option #5:      Your employer's Matching Gift
                       Contribution Program or United
                       Way Program.  Please specify
                       AFRICA Seed, Inc. as a
We'll send you any additional
                                                                 info you may need.

Option #6:

                        AmazonSmile automatically

                        donates 0.5% of most purchases

                        to AFRICA Seed, Inc., after you

                        designate us as your charity.
                        We will appear on Amazon's list. 

AFRICA Seed is a 501(c)3 organization. Did you know that every time you purchase qualifying items on Amazon, AFRICA Seed earns a donation?

Visit, select AFRICA Seed, Inc., as your designated charity, and AFRICA Seed earns a donation when you order qualifying items! Really, it's true! See below for more ways to help, and thank you!

For our 25th Anniversary we are asking that you donate in denominations of 25.

Our average donation is $50, but much more is often donated to specific projects like Adopt a School ($100) or private donations to build a classroom ($1,200) or to buy in-country books ($1,600). There are some who give $100 year after year, which has kept us going—YAY! But we have existed long enough to have survived past some donors and now there is a new generation we hope to inspire! Who could believe that a people-to-people (nongovernmental) approach would work so well? WE DID! Everyday ordinary folk here in the U.S.A. have been provided a way they can share, contribute, and learn about the reality of life on the African continent. 

In some countries $250 will pay for four years of preschool (some regions of Uganda), while in others (many regions of Swaziland, and depending on the school) it pays for half a year of school fees.

Although we are an all-volunteer organization, there are expenses: this website, travel to the continent to establish relationships and address projects requested by African communities, and to secure consistent avenues to deliver items and funds to whom they are intended. In this part of the world often taken for granted, much of our work and effort is aimed at establishing relationships with more than the group we work with, such as by creating or supporting structures to make sure groups receive and maintain what we and they have created together.






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