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A crayons collection done in Connecticut, U.S.A.

Hi Julie,

I will email you our Partner Schools in Uganda tomorrow. Hope collectors are having fun. Please give me the name and address of the school so I add it to our report and send a Thanks.

Hi, I sent an email and I am following up. We have saved about 2 boxes of crayons so far and would like to send them. Would you send the instructions? The school wanted to continue collecting, so we'll most likely have more.

Julie  2009

I hope things are well with you. The girls decorated their 'crayon box' last night and I got
a world map today. We're going to identify our school location as well as the countries of Ghana and Uganda on the map. hopefully the girls and I will be able to present everything as
a school assembly next Monday.

Hi There, Our school would like to collect new and used crayons for your project.  How and where do we send the crayons?  We thought this would be a great community project that kids could get involved in helping other kids. Please send me any information you can.

Andrea  2009

Andrea, Please give us the name and address of the school(s) that are doing the collection. When you have collected your target amount, please let us know how many shoeboxes you have collected and we will send you some names and addresses of our Partner Schools and exact mailing instructions. Please check the website under The Crayons Project for best information and photos. You should only collect the amount that you can afford to send. Most classrooms/Schools also do a fund raising like a bake sale to raise money for shipping when they choose to collect a lot. When towns collect, they get a local sponsor for the shipping.

After collecting many crayons etc and taking them to the P.O., we were shocked at how much it would cost to send them. Our little Sunday School can't afford that. I'm sorry and hope this doesn't cause any problems.


Leah, We do ask that you contact us first and check the website if you are doing a collection. First, you can read the instructions, second, you can see how others are handling it, and third, (actually the most important), we can keep in constant contact with you to know your collection amount expectations and guide you to the best option for shipping- a Bake Sale; a $2.00 contribution from families; a local non-profit organization like the Veterans of Foreign Wars ships for you, and much more.

Step One:

                                          SEND US AN EMAIL THAT YOU ARE STARTING A COLLECTION and ASK ANY QUESTIONS                                                                            


Decide if you want any additional photos to help children see who they are sharing their used crayons, pencils, chalk, etc. and check out the Photo Gallery on the site. Perhaps you would like social studies ideas if you are a teacher, so just ask. Perhaps you would like guidance on how to introduce the collection if you are a librarian. Please stick to the collectible items listed on The Crayons Project page so as to avoid disappointing those who contributed.

Step Two:

                                  DECIDE HOW MUCH YOU WANT TO COLLECT. 2-3 SHOEBOXES ARE TYPICAL FOR ONE CLASSROOM                                                                         


Remember, you will be mailing what you collect to Africa. Place a recepticle out in your classroom or make a place for familes to leave their used crayons, pencils, etc. Plan how you will fund the mailing. Decide if you want more than just to share the crayons like becoming a Sister School and we will help you. Keep in touch so we know when you are ready for us to email you the African school's address and packaging info or if you need guidance. We suggest only one to two shoeboxes for a classroom to send. Most U.S. classrooms can afford that through apx. $2.00 donations per family or a Bake Sale. You may choose to collect and send bottle caps instead, which are much lighter in weight and cost noticeably less to mail.  Click here for CAPS THAT COUNT. 

Hello, I have been on your website and noticed your Crayon Project. I have three plastic shoe boxes of used crayons and color pencils, and one of craft supplies, that I would like to donate. Can you tell me if you are accepting donations at this time and, if so, where I can send them? Also, do you take other art supplies (color pencils, glitter, etc).


Please let me know.


Best regards,

Jean  2015

Thanks for wanting to donate to the classrooms. The Crayons Project has been going for twenty years now and continues. The used crayons/pencils/erasers/markers are appropriate for the classrooms. Unless it is writing paper, the classrooms would not likely use it. Another item though would be children's scissors or even pens. 

Click here for the Two Steps to Participating

Please feel free to write me with questions and updates. This has continued to be a popular community project with children powering it. Let me know how things develop and how I can be of help.


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