Our visit to Uganda in 2008-2009 took place in response to a small group of young city professionals who had young children of their own but who wanted to improve the rural schools. The name of their group is THE RURAL PATH. The impressive thing for us is that the group was comprised of both young women and young men.

Below is one member of the group with her children.

UGANDA           2008 -2012

The Odokai School located in a rural area.

Children on school campus going to their classrooms at Asilang Village School.

The building of an additional classroom from funds of a donor to AFRICA Seed for its completio at Attira School, 2010.

AFRICA Seed’s work with groups in Africa ranges from small grassroots groups to formal, medium-sized and national organizations. We would like to present some of the individuals we have worked with as well as the groups and organizations we have worked with over the years.