The Crayons Project is the most popular of AFRICA Seed's programs. Teachers have their students collect shoeboxes of used crayons and mail them to Africa. Preschools through colleges have collected as well as churches, sororities, fraternities, restaurants and more.  See CRAYONS HOW TO

In past years we have had some remarkable youth from different towns in different states avidly collect crayons for the Project.  We are pleased that when these 11-14 year olds seek a community project, that they choose The Crayons Project.  In each case, they got their entire communities involved.

        It's so easy!  Just collect them. Contact us.

        Get an African shool in which to mail them.

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 Collectible items 


include: used crayons, used chalks,

used pencils, used pens, erasers,

colored pencils, glue sticks, plastic children's scissors, small shapes hole punchers, very small pads, post-its,

new of the above.

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"In our classroom, we used crayons as a way of supporting our classroom values of giving, awareness of others from different families and concern for others."

Teacher, Head Start, Times Square, NY

We offered this project to city, village and town schools in 
Cameroon; Ghana; Sierra Leone; 
and Uganda; Kenya; Manila, The Philippines; and Swaziland.


Fill in the form if you, your classroom, your family, organization or town would like to do a crayons collection of any size (one shoebox to a towns worth.)                      ->

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