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             A Child A School 

        is a Sponsorship Program where
        everyday people 
sponsor a
        school and child by 
paying the
        child's school fees for one year
        at $108.00 total.
        We ask ordinary people to be a

        sponsor for one or more


        We've had individuals, churches,
        masjids, temples, sororities,

        PTA's, fraternities, community

        groups, and other groups get


When we are contacted by a group or organization on the African continent (usually via email) we are able to positively respond to those who are:

  • involved with preschool education

  • women's efforts that help them support their children's education


This has involved us in small side projects such as:

Working with an African publisher to produce culture-appropriate books for schools equivant to our Head Start. Donor's $1600.00 for just this purpose made it happen.


Raising funds for a group of women in a village who wanted to plant a food garden with land given them by their husbands. They simply needed planting tools. With the foods, they were able to sell, they were able to pay for their children's school uniforms.

We do not see Africa as the place where raggedy children with flies around their faces beg for food and clean water, but a global community’s surviving home, where historical and present-day events disenfranchise a primal continent and its extensions. Like any family member in need, Africa and the extended families of South Asia can be assisted by us working WITH as well as for the people who are actively working for themselves to the best of their abilities.




              The Crayons Project  

           is our most popular project where

          children here share their crayons with
          children there. We secure Partner
          Schools in various 
African countries

          to connect to the Project. And we

          offer classrooms or schools here 

          photos and info about the culture.

                 Caps that Count 

           is a Project of The Crayons Project
           where classrooms, churches or
           families collect the colorful caps 

           rings of plastic bottles for children to

           use as manipulatives, and teachers
to make games and toys. We offer

           eligibile African Schools in which to

           share the caps and rings to use as

           manipulatives, and toy/game-making





        African Study Trips 

is a learning experience where everyday people can find out first-hand about modern Africa in a people-to-people way for a very low cost. We Take a few people to meet local groups we partner with in a hosted approach. We tailor the experience to the few people's interest on the trip.

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