Here are just some schools who are partners:

GHANA-   Bray Memorial  Early Childhood Centre, Vichans Nursery, Kiddygram Montessori, Peggy’s Day-Care and Nursery , St. Gina's Preschool

KENYA- Christian Hope Academy, Faith Children's Centre, Emmanuel Christian School

UGANDA- Faith Nursery School, Atiira Primary School, Asilang Primary School , Kanyum Community Nursery School

SIERRA LEONE- Pan African Women;s Association Early Childhood  - Mawina Kouyate Center  

In African countries as well as South Asian countries like The Philippines, public and private schools require SCHOOL FEES. Parents are required to pay for uniforms, pencils, and paper for each of their children as well. To participate, send in your donation or your request specifying the country (Ghana, Kenya, Uganda), You give only $108.00 once, for the whole year. We will connect you with a child and her/his school.

 Children Who Have Been Sponsored for Preschool in Swaziland                       

Children's preschool education has been sponsored by individuals from the U.S.A. for children in The Philippines, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Cameroon, and Swaziland.

Delisa attends Siyakhula PreSchool / Swaziland

Delisa was born in 2014

Mandla attends the Sidrokodro Community Pre School / Swaziland

Mandla was born in 2014

Simanga attends Kalanga Pre School / Swaziland  He was born 2014 

Amber attends The Apple Tree Pre School / Swaziland  She was born 2013 

Sinakakelo click for dossier

Sinakakelo attends The Apple Tree Pre School / Swaziland He was born 2014

Sibusiso attends Kalanga Pre School / Swaziland
He was born 2014

Anele    click for dossier

Anele attends Siyakhula Pre School / Swaziland
He was born 2013