Caps that Count

We are familiar with 'counting bears' and other manipulatives of brightly colored units for children to play with and use for counting, linking, and building. Why not SHARE our 'throw-aways'? These colored bottle caps and the rings around our plastic bottles could serve as almost cost-free contributions to creating sets of useable counting items and much more!

This extension of The Crayons Project offers a people positive concept of children sharing with children in need, as well as an appropriate approach for young children to care about other young children. This is also a family oriented project where extremely lightweight “throwaways” offer classroom supplies for children in African classrooms moving from rows of seats to Learning Through Play. Even individuals have collected enough for a teacher training on making classroom materials. Teachers use these items to make manipulatives, game pieces, number charts, toys, and other learning tools. We supply Teacher training colleges as well as preschool classrooms.

Added bonus: Plastic caps are not recyclable in many U.S. areas even though plastic bottles are!

Click here for Easy, Low Cost, Fun Steps to participate