African Study Trips

Study Trips use the vehicle of vising schools to explose travelers to the country and its culture


Typically, day visits are planned to visit schools. In some cases it means being driven to another part of the country an staying over at a Guest House. In all cases it provides a way to be out and among the people, as well as seeing the local area. It provides opportunities to talk and interact with local people. We 'visit' schools, not study them. The study is focused on the 'culture', and we discuss that each evening.

Study Trips encourage walking and getting about and exploring the area


One traveler was a nurse practicioner and when asked what she would like to find out about for the trip, she replied, 'Traditional healing". Vising one was arranged before we left, however, upon waking a main street in the capital city we met an in-country contact by coincidence who was with the largest traditional healing practicioner in the city.


We went to his clininc in the city and had our blood pressures taken. We also were driven to the one in the country, and his factory where the herbs were processed, bottled and labeled. We found out about the supportive relationship bewteen traditional healer and medical doctors in Accra, Ghana. Western trained physicians refer patients to traditional healers and vice versa.

There are evening talks about your day or your recorded 

thoughts and events in your journal

Travelers are asked to keep a written journal to note anything they choose about that day's experience. They may choose to record anything from daily exchange rates to who they met and where they met them. They may record questions for the evening talk, or what they ate that day, or what they saw or heard.

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