To assist young children’s education in African communities primarily by working WITH communities and learning FROM them, while presenting modern Africa to Americans including children, through 

exploring, studying, and participating in community service projects here in the U.S. or in Africa.


The Direction of Our Mission

AFRICA Seed only gets involved with projects requested by African communities. This may be a small local group, a large NGO, or a government branch. Typically, they are grassroots organizations where we operate in the context of helping those who help themselves and not imposing our ideas of their needs. Programs provide cultural exchange experiences for travelers; the aim is for travelers to be involved with cultural integration while assisting in community work outside the context of typical  “experts” coming to show them the way.  

We have focused on projects that allow young children in the U.S. to learn about children on the continent, since it involves educators in their schools, their peers, and adult family members. It stimulates community service in a very understandable way for young children, and is a vehicle for exploring modern Africa and Africans, offering an alternative to the traditional stereotypes still quite prevalent.                                                       ____