A new classroom built with funds from an AFRICA Seed donor. The school campus is made up of classroom buildings

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In African countries as well as South Asian countries like The Philippines, public and private schools require SCHOOL FEES. Parents are required

to pay for uniforms, pencils, and paper for each of their children as well.

To participate either donate with mentioning that you want to support a child's school fees in which of the countries we partner with, or choose a child from the provided dossiers that tell you about the child's family and need. You give only $108.00 once, for the whole year. We are currently focusing on schools in Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda

We pay the school, not the child's family. According to the country it may pay part of the fee, full payment or full payment with school supplies for the child. In one country it paid the fees, uniform, supplies and a goat for the family-Yes!

Typically, the school gets about $78 and we use about $30 for our efforts of getting it to them.

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"Four of our teachers decided they wanted to take a child for their classrooms and raise money to sponsor their preschool education through Bake Sales and other activities."

Education Director,  Head Start, West Harlem, NY