We are a people-to-people operation of ordinary people established in 1992. We demonstrate that people of all ancestries in the U.S.A. and especially African Americans can and do want to be part of a modern relationship with the people of the African continent and Southeast Asian communities. Click here for our mission.

AFRICA Seed works with local groups who help themselves and reach out for partners. Typically, either rural women's groups or young professionals in various countries in Africa start their own efforts to assist rural as well as city children and their education. These are the groups and organizations that we work with. We support the UNICEF initiative, a learning-through-play approach, but also the African culturalization of it. 

Donate your Used or New Crayons-Plus

It began as an effort to teach our children that simple items that they routinely discard such as a crayon, a piece of chalk, or a pencil, can serve the needs of children in another country who lack access to these basic tools. We encourage anyone to help deliver this message by organizing the collection of used crayons. chalk, pencils in their schools and communities. New items are also often donated. We call this GIVING THE RAINBOW.

We are all volunteers with no employees.

Volunteers from all walks of life may choose to travel with us to meet local groups on our occasional trips to the continent; to help their local schools learn about how to share their crayons and become a Sister School; to let sororities, PTAs, and churches know how they can both help and learn. Typically, a volunteer’s work is mostly done online and for a short period of time. Our funding is from average people who give once a year. Click the "donate" button, send a check, or use our PayPal account.

In African countries like Ghana and Uganda, as well as Southeast Asian countries like the Philippines, ALL public and private schools require attendance fees. All parents are required to pay for uniforms, pencils, and paper for each of their children. AFRICA Seed  finds sponsors to help needy families pay these school fees.

A donation of $108 covers fees for the entire school year for one child.

We take one, two, or three people at a time for a learning trip that addresses individual learning. Of course the cost is far less than a usual trip to the continent. You can get on a list of interest to travel - subscribe this page

CAPS THAT COUNT is a program of The Crayons Project where plastic bottle caps, rings, and container tops are collected for schools in Africa to use as counting, stacking, and sorting manipulatives.

SISTER SCHOOLS is a program of A Child A School where classrooms in the U.S. have a relationship with a classroom in a sister school in Africa.

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