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Q. About how much will it cost to ship one shoebox of crayons to  Africa?
A. In the United States, the postal rates change from time to time, but it costs from $20.00 (US) to $40.00 to ship one shoebox of crayons from the US to Ghana. ( It depends on weight and how much you have in the box). Used pencils and chalk or erasers are cheaper because they are less dense and weigh less.


Q. Can we collect used pencils or used chalk?
A. Yes!  Pencils and chalk cost less to ship than crayons, and are needed just as much.


Q. Why collect used crayons, pencils and chalk?
A. The idea started with very young children learning how to give and share and understand the idea of not wasting. By giving a crayon that you personally have used makes the gift more meaningful.


Q. Can we write to the school we send the crayons to?
A. Yes, but please include paper so that the school can write back. Paper is scarce.


Q. What if we develop a sister relationship with a school there? Can we send other items or money?
A. Contact AFRICA Seed FIRST. Never send money directly to a school. If you wish to donate funds, you can do so by contacting us and sending us the check, along with instructions as to which school should receive it. Money and items sent through AFRICA Seed Inc. are tax deductible. Money sent directly to a school or person are not tax deductible, and we can not ensure it is received.


Q. What do I do after I collect a shoe box of used crayons?
A. email or call 1-855-805-SEED (7333) and request mailing information. Give us the name, phone number and address where we may send the information.


Q. How much can I collect?
A. We recommend 1-3 shoe boxes of used crayons per classroom.  Crayons are heavy but most classrooms can raise enough money to ship 1-3 boxes.


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